English 207: Studies in Poetry                                  

Dr. Morillo

Second Paper Assignment


Letter Graded. Worth 10 % of  final grade

Length: At least 3 and no more than 5 pages.

Due Wednesday, September 28, printed out, at the start of class

Lines and Lives, Poets and Poems

Choose any poem you especially like in the Seagull Reader. Next go to the back of the book and read the short biography of the poet who wrote the work you like. Then find one other longer, published biography of the same poet, either in print or online. Be sure to write down the source information, including author (if stated), title, publishing information if printed, or the URL if online.

After reading more about the life of your poet, see what connection(s) you can make between some particular, interesting detail in the poetís life, and what shows upóor doesnít-- in ONE of his or her poems of your choice.

Start with a brief one-paragraph summary of most relevant information about the poetís life. Then focus on just the single most important connection you can draw between the life of the poet and the character of the poetry he or she writes. Consider not only what your poet finds interesting, but how that interest is expressed in verse. You may find some very direct links between lives and poems, but if you donít, donít be surprised, and donít give up. There may not be a simple match between your poetís life and poetry. Many poets create voices of characters in their poems who are not always versions of themselves. Instead consider how life experience may be both revealed and concealed in writing, and how poets can transform and recreate themselves.

At the end of your paper be sure to include your source information for your poetís biography.

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For Citation style please use MLA form, which uses the name of the author and the page number in parentheses within the the text--or paragrpah number for online sources without page numbers--, and a Works Cited after the text with the complete information about your source. For help with this you can use our library's Citation Builder form here:

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