Part I: Short Answer.  Answer 1 question from each of the 7 groups. 7 x 10 points each = 70 points. Write enough to answer the question specifically and well. It may take anything from a sentence to a paragraph, depending on the kind of question.


Kij Johnson, 26 Monkeys

Franz Kafka “A Report to the Academy”

Weil “A Report on the Animal Turn”                                            answer one


Descartes from Letter to Newcastle, Letter to More

Montaigne from An Apology for Raymond Sebond                                      answer one


Weil “Is a Pet an Animal?” (53-62);

Weil Gendered subjects/abject object

Tuan, Animal Pet                                                                   answer one


Berger Why Look at Animals

Malamud Zoo Spectatorship

Weil Seeing Animals                                                                       answer one


Viola I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like

Copperthwaite Blackfish                                                       answer one


Defoe Fight Between Friday and a Bear

Cartmill Hunting and Humanity                                                              answer one


Aesop Fables on Lions

Hare and Tortoise versions

Pliny On Lions                                                                        answer one


Part II. 30 points. You will answer one of 2 questions based on a verbatim passage from an author you have read, but a text you have not read. Choose whatever idea about the relationship between people and animals you find most significant to interpret and discuss in the passage, and write a response of about a page about it.