Dr. Morillo

Honors 202 Final Research Paper and Final Exam


Due at the start of the final exam, Wed. Nov. 11.  Printed out on paper


Develop your proposal idea into a 10-page paper. The 10 pages include the Works Cited list of your sources. See proposal link for details.


Final papers must have 1) a title 2) a Works Cited list of at least 5 sources beyond the primary text of work you are investigating.


Final Exam: Wed. Nov. 11 1-4pm in Tompkins G106


Two Parts. 100 points.


Part I Open book and notes: (1 question at 40 points) brief review of any one of the Other Works listed on the syllabus. If the work is a text, you may bring it to the exam. If it is film or other media you may bring notes on it. You will need to summarize the works plot or story and then add a brief editorial evaluation. Did you like it? Why?


Part II closed book and notes:


Recall and Retention (20 questions at 3 points each = 60 pts.)

2 questions, much more factual than interpretive, about each of the 10 required works on the syllabus from Plato to Cuaron.