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  • I am a Professor of Entomology at North Carolina State University.

    I started observing and collecting insects when I was in second grade.  I've been teaching about them for over 30 years, and I am still enthralled by the wonder, magic, and beauty of these tiny creatures.  They are ideal subjects for nature study in the classroom because they occupy very little space, are easily maintained, and do not evoke the wrath of animal rights activists if they die.  Now, with children of my own, I join many other folks who are concerned about the lagging interest in science and technology.  I am well aware that most grade school teachers have little training in the sciences and little opportunity to pursue additional training.   I believe I can help.

    I invite you to explore some of the topics below that I am developing into hands-on activities for grade school kids.   If any of this tickles your fancy, drop me an e-mail (john_meyer@ncsu.edu)   Some teaching materials, as noted on subsequent pages, are commercially available from Vision Press,   P.O. Box 5554,   Raleigh, NC   27650-5554.

    Last Updated:   22 November 2009
      John R. Meyer
    Department of Entomology
    NC State University