R.V. Fodor

Professor of Geology

Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC 27695


                                                                                                                                                                   June 6, 2009, Kecskemit, HU

short bio:

B.S. Geology, Ohio University,'66

M.S. Geology, Arizona State University,'68

Ph.D. Geology, University of New Mexico,'72



my 2015-2016 restoration project (back on the road again)


Research Areas:

Tucson, 6/12

Igneous petrology, mineralogy, trace-element geochemistry, isotope geochemistry

Rock Types Studied: Studies are largely of basaltic lavas, gabbroic and ultramafic xenoliths in basaltic lavas, the Hawaiian magma system, continental alkalic basalts, continental flood basalts -- and all the minerals assemblages with.  Most recently, I have added silicic pyroclastic rocks and lavas to the research mix, particularly from central Arizona.

Instrumentation: Application of my Department's electron microprobe and using the x-ray fluorescence spetrometry data, ICP-MS data, and isotope data obtained from other labs, generally labs of collaborators.

Collaboration: Joint research projects with geology-colleagues in the U.S., Brazil, and Hungary

Graduate student projects:

Thesis research should emphasize igneous or mantle rocks (mainly as xenoliths) that are thoughtfully and meaningfully collected (e.g., above, Arizona volcanics sampled by Brian and Katie) -- and then analyzed for whole-rock major- and trace-element compositions (including REE) using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and/or ICP-MS and/or INAA, mineral compositions using electron microprobe, and, if possible to obtain and include, Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic compositions (most recently accomplished at Univ. North Carolina-Chapel Hill isotope lab).


Courses taught:

Over a two-year period, I teach each of the following at least once: Physical geology (website ); Igneous and metamorphic petrology (for undergrads); Mineralogy; Advanced igneous petrology; and Electron microprobe analysis

I also like to run Fall Break field trips to great places out West, such as Arizona, the Cascades, and New Mexico (above, field trip at the Albuquerque volcanoes, 2006; more NM pictures below). Our Department offers one-credit hour for these 5-day field trips....to have a great time checking out igneous rocks and features, and camping.  

Here's our NM field gang in the Black Range, southwestern NM (Oct. 2006)

My friend and colleague Glenn Bauer with me.....and Albuquerque and the Sandia Mts. in the background


Greetings.....from my temporary office at Eotvos Lorand Technical University in Budapest....my 'headquarters'

when teaching Advanced Igneous Petrology, Spring, 2009, on a Fulbright grant to Hungary


Below:  at Fodor's confectionery, Kecskemit, Hungary (June, 2009)


Below: doing something useful with geologic material ....making pottery to sell

Above: Selling my pottery, with Peggy helping, at the NCSU Craft Center Fair, November, 2011


Some recent publications:

Fodor, R.V. and Johnson, Kelly, G., 2016, Origin of Miocene andesite and dacite in the Goldfield-Superstition volcanic province, central Arizona: hybrids of mafic and silicic magma mixing. Geochimica et Cosmochima Acta 185, p. 394-417. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.gca.2016.04.001

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Huang, S., Blichert-Toft, J., Fodor, R.V., Bauer, G.R., and Bizimis, M., 2013. Sr, Nd, Hf, and Pb isotope systmatics of postshield-stage lavas at Kahoolawe, Hawaii. Chemical Geology 360-361, 159-172.

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Dobosi, G., Fodor, R.V., and Goldberg, S.A., 1995.  Late-Cenozoic alkalic basalt magmatism in the northern Pannonian basin, eastern Europe: petrology, source compositions, and relationship to tectonics.  Acta Vulcanologica 7, 199-207

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