CBE 205: Chemical Process Principles

Course Materials
  • Course syllabus: Instructors, TA's & office hours, description and objectives, instructors and office hours, policies and procedures (including grading), and assignment schedule
  • Handouts for lectures

Course Text: Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, 2005 Update Edition

Errors discovered in the text are being compiled and maintained on web sites.

Errata for 2005 text edition
Errata for workbook

Supplementary reading

"A Student-Centered Approach to Teaching Material Balances. 1. Course Design." Chem. Engr. Education, 41(2), 93-100 (2007). Course structure and policies, assignments, and teaching assistant preparation.

"A Student-Centered Approach to Teaching Material Balances. 2. Course Delivery and Assessment." Chem. Engr. Education, 41(3), 167-176 (2007). The first week of the course, how active, cooperative, and inquiry-based learning and instructional technology were used, and how the course was assessed and evaluated.

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Tips for students: "An Engineering Student Survival Guide," "Tips on Test-Taking," "Tips on Talks" (technical presentations), and suggestions about understanding different learning styles and dealing with self-confidence problems ("Impostors Everywhere").

Memo to students disappointed in their test grades. Suggested strategies for approaching and taking tests.