The National Effective Teaching Institutes (the annual basic NETI-1A and NETI-1B and the more advanced biennial NETI-2) differ in location and content but have similar structures and formats. NETI-1A comes very early in January and is always in a place with a warm climate, and NETI-1B and NETI-2 may be anywhere in the United States or Canada.

                Vancouver                                                                                     San Antonio                                                                                 Seattle                          

The venue is sometimes a conference center and sometimes a hotel.

            Vancouver Convention Center                                                         Marriott Waterside (Tampa)    

The NETI codirectors are Rebecca Brent, Mike Prince, and Rich Felder.

Rebecca, Mike, Rich

The participants spend two or three days working on different aspects of teaching with the facilitators and one another. Sometimes they listen to the facilitators


                                                                                    NETI Fellow Susan Lord

and they often work individually or in small groups on workshop-related activities or on their own courses, occasionally joined by one of the facilitators.


            with Mike                                                     with NETI Fellow Cindy Finelli


Brianna Smith of the ASEE makes all the NETI arrangements and coordinates the registration, and whenever anybody needs anything, Brianna is right there to provide it.

The breakfasts, breaks, lunches, and the first-evening reception provide opportunities for more interactions, both on and off the workshop topic.





Judging from their evaluations, almost all NETI alumni have found the workshop instructive, and their retrospective survey responses indicate that the experience had a strong positive impact on their teaching. As the pictures suggest, they also had a pretty good time.

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