Richard Felder's Responses to
Frequently Asked Questions about the ILS

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  1. How do I get my results? Can you (RF) send them to me?
  2. Why do I get an error message when I submit the questionnaire?
  3. I don't understand my results. Can you explain what they mean?
  4. Here are my results. Based on them, can you suggest good ways for me to study or good careers for me to pursue?
  5. How did the ILS originate, and what is its theoretical basis?
  6. What is known about the reliability and validity of the ILS?
  7. May I build a link to the ILS on my web site?
  8. May I use the ILS in my research?
  9. How should I cite the ILS or the short paper "Learning Styles and Strategies" in reference lists?
  10. May I get copies of my college students', employees', or clients' profiles when they complete the questionnaire on the Web?
  11. I would like to administer the ILS myself to my college students, employees, or clients. May I get the scoring key for the questionnaire
    and/or the code for the web-based version?
  12. May I administer the ILS to my pre-college students? If not, then what can I administer to them?
  13. What does it mean if I could have answered most of the questions either way?
  14. Why isn't the inductive-deductive dimension assessed on the ILS?
  15. Why "visual-verbal" and not "visual-auditory-kinesthetic"?
  16. Since we see written words, why are they not included in the visual category?
  17. Does anyone but me see the results when I submit the questionnaire?
  18. Is there a teaching styles inventory that parallels the ILS?
  19. Where can I find out more about the learning style dimensions assessed on the ILS?