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  1. Each cylinder is first properly packed to a known bulk density at a specific moisture content.
  2. The base plate is attached to the cylinder. The unit is placed into the funnel and the uniti checked to make sure the plate is in the open position.
  3. Next the funnels are filled with distilled water in a step-wise fashion to prevent air entrapment. Once completely filled, the unit is allowed to equilibrate for 15 minutes (or 1 hour).
  4. The base plate is carefully closed by rotating the unit by hand. The water outside the core is allowed to drain from funnels.
  5. A graduated cylinder is placed under thefunnel. The base plate is rotated into the open position, and the core allowed to drain for 60 minutes.
  6. Water remaining in the sample is determined gravimetrically. Samples should be dried at 105° C for 24 hours.

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