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General Description

The NCSU Porometer was designed to provide rapid, consistent, and reliable testing of substrates. It was developed in consultation with the professional substrate manufacturers and the National Bark & Soil Producers Association. Data developed from this equipment has been approved for use in registering potting soils in the state of Georgia.

The main part is an aluminum base plate having an inner and outer plate with 8 holes in each. The plates fit together as one unit and can be rotated so that the holes are aligned in the open position to allow drainage through the plates.

Also, the plates can be rotated such that the holes are covered in the closed position to prevent any seepage of water through the plates.


The second part is a 3 inch aluminum core that is packed with a substrate sample and then placed onto the base plate.

Porometer 2

The third part is a funnel in which the base plate with the core is placed for saturation and drainage of the sample.

Porometer 3

The NCSU Porometer is also available on a limited basis for purchase by soil mix manufacturers and researchers of horticultural substrates. We do not keep a large supply on hand, but make the porometers when demand is sufficient.

The porometers are sold in three-porometer sets. Each set contains three of the following:

  • Baseplate
  • 3" aluminum core
  • Drying lid
  • Saturation funnel
  • Support ring
  • Rubber stopper

Each set also contains one Packing Kit which includes:

  • Top packing cylinder (6")
  • Bottom packing cylinder (3")
  • Bottom lid
  • Clamping assembly (2)
  • Substrate leveling spatula
  • Substrate prep & storage pan w/lid

Each set also includesone Core Extraction Device and one Instruction Manual

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