Computational Mathematics: Models, Methods and Analysis





R. E. White

Department of Mathematics

North Carolina State University


Front Matter (toc, figures (73), tables (24), preface and introduction)


There are 323 exercises with computations varying parameters, model variations and mathematical analysis.


This book illustrates the evolution of models such as 1D, 2D and 3D temperatures in a cooling fin.































This book has a variety of applications including:


            Hydraulic pressure with two wells in saturated porous medium












Concentration of a pollutant plume in 3D













            Value of an American put option contract













            Image restoration














It introduces parallel programming and message passing interface (MPI). It has

a number of MPI codes illustrating basic MPI subroutines. Many of the applications are

revisited from a parallel algorithm perspective. MPI versions of matrix products, explicit methods,

SOR, domain-decomposition, PCG and GMRES are given.














Back Matter (references (29) and index)


Some images taken from Microsoft Encarta:


            Heat transfer




MATLAB, Fortran 9x, C and MPI Codes


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