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Here I am in my native habitat: 

Got everything I need to feel secure and at home: a good LARGE mug of coffee, an inbox full of things to do, a dry-erase board full of scribblings nobody else can comprehend, a shelf of books large enough to be thought of as the Microelectronics Engineering Branch of D. H. Hill Library, and a large window through which I can watch the world go by.

Looking out that window, I often wonder how all those people can go through life never realizing how large they are in micrometers, and how long it takes them to walk across the lot in picoseconds ;-)

My research will eventually revolutionize the way we live -- change the world! Why, already I have made an impact: without me, the world would look like this.

You know, you can actually tell a person's intelligence just by looking at their office; this guy was a genius! I strive to emulate his greatness.

I work hard every day to achieve my goals, by waking up early to the sound of the alarm clock. I used to leave my old car at home, and walk to school. But now I live too far away for that --and besides, I now have a brand new Passat to drive.  No matter what the weather is like, I seem to always enjoy  North Carolina.

I usually get to work on time, too, but there are two major obstacles that I must pass on my walk:

No, not the truck and the gravitationally challenged guy -- the two restaurants. If this hypermedia had smell-o-vision, you'd understand me alot better. With a bagel bakery on one side of the street, and a home-style eatery (I've gotta get a picture of Betty, the waitress, up here sometime) on the other, there's usually little chance of me passing by without a short diversion.

But I usually get to the lab before most people. 

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