What a view of the valley!

(Exposure is one of the rewards when on some of the climbs in the Ampitheatre at Pilot Mountain.  One of the spoils at the Black Rain climb is a face (yours) full of black dirt.)


Got me!!?

(Halfway up Black Rain, it's a good view down, too.  John is belaying in style, with his "no-hands gri-gri belay device" and Thermarest chair.  My brother, next to him, is ready to go up next.)


There's one for the magazine covers:

(Toby "Didn't-need-that-foothold-anyways" Schaffer, left, and John "It's-all-in-my-head" Wilson, right, top-roping two of the three we had set up that day at Pilot; Evelyn is on the third rope, just out of camera range.)


The Hazards of Climbing Outdoors, Number I:

(A chest-rasberry in-the-making; Toby getting ready to pull himself up the overhang at one of the Three Bears.  Luckily we had a first-aid kit and a registered nurse (Natalie) along.)


The Hazards of Climbing Outdoors, Number II:

(You're never alone!  Sometimes the walls have eyes -- snake eyes, in one of the cracks)


OK, Now what!!

(Bruce 'Chimney Sweep' Duewer scaling the rocks at New River Gorge, near the Bridge)


Another great climb; another great view!!

(overlooking the bridge, at New River Gorge)

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