C. T. (Tim) Kelley
Drexel Professor of Mathematics

Tim is a simple man with simple needs.
Ferrari 599 C. T. Kelley
Department of Mathematics
SAS Hall
2311 Stinson Drive
Box 8205, North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8205

(919) 515-7163 (office), (919) 515-3798 (FAX)

My research interests are in linear/nonlinear equations, multilevel methods for integral equations , radiative transfer problems, optimal control , large scale optimization , optimization of noisy functions , and flow in porous media . I am a proud member of the NCSU Numerical Analysis Group and am very active in SIAM .

I distribute MATLAB software for Linear Equations, Nonlinear Equations, and Optimization . Our group supports MATLAB codes for optimization of noisy functions.

Professional Data: recent publications and tech reports , presentations and talks , complete vita ,
undergraduate RAs , current and former Ph. D. students, my mathematical family tree .

I'm going back to DTU to give my short course on iterative methods.

Why publish with SIAM?

The Mathematics Department at Purdue gave me the outstanding Alumnus Award for 2013.

Picture of the Boston Chapter of the Kelley Alumni Association

Anne Costolanski defended her thesis on August 19. She is now working at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Jeff Willert has left the building. He defended his thesis on June 11 and is now working at LANL.

I have a new academic grandson. Dr Ahmad Almomani just finished at Clarkson. Advisor = Katie Fowler.

I have been reelected chair of the SIAM Board of Trustees for 2013.

I gave the (no kidding) Distinguished Faculty Lecture in the NCSU Mathematics Department on March 15, 2012. Check out the video of this momentous event.

My fifteen minutes starts now, with my interview in the SIAM News . The guy who looks like Larry Fine is me.

Read this short article on ethics in publishing and business opportunities .

My new Implicit Filtering book is out.

I'm somebody now! Scroll to the bottom of Henk van der Vorst's math portrait page.

My students and I make mathematics concrete

Why should you join SIAM ?

A REALLY OLD picture.

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