Ecohydrology and Watershed Science



  1. 5/2016 - Congratulations to new NCSU graduates, Josh Rice (Ph.D.), Nitin Singh (Ph.D.), and Julie Sikes (B.S.)!

  2. 4/2016 - New papers on land application of wastewater by Andrew Birch (friend of the lab) and on long-term records of dissolved organic carbon by Nitin Singh, both in press in the Journal of Environmental Quality.

  3. 4/2016 - Ryan attended the American Indian Science and Engineering Society’s Leadership Summit in Minnesota.

  4. 4/2016 - Ryan presented research this month at the Southeast Indian Studies Conference (UNC Pembroke), the USGS National Research Program (National Center, Reston), and the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Colloquium (UNC Chapel Hill).

  5. 3/2016 - Ryan traveled to Idaho State University for a seminar in the Department of Biology.

  6. 2/2016 - Congratulations to Josh Rice for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation focusing on long-term hydrologic changes and the role of watershed spatial characteristics!

  7. 12/2015 - Our open access paper on interbasin water transfers was just published in Environmental Research Letters. This work analyzes the only existing national inventory of interbasin water transfers and is based on the research of former student John Buckley with collaborators from the US Forest Service.

  8. 11/2015 - Congratulations to Nitin Singh for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation on hydrological and biogeochemical processes in Southern Appalachian headwater catchments!

  9. 11/2015 - Ryan received a Community Service Award from the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) at the 2015 National Conference in Phoenix.

  10. 11/2015 - Ryan coauthored the revised chapter on Hydrology in the second edition of Wetland Soils: Genesis, Hydrology, Landscapes, and Classification, eds. Vepraskas and Craft, forthcoming from CRC Press.

  11. 10/2015 - New article on soil microbial communities and their distribution at Tenderfoot Creek (Montana) published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

  12. 7/2015 - News article on Native high school campers canoeing the Lumber River with Ryan.

  13. 7/2015 - Josh Rice has a new paper on long-term streamflow trends in the US published online in Water Resources Research.

  14. 6/2015 - Two new papers published in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology and Water Resources Research on ecohydrological processes in snowmelt-dominated watersheds.

  15. 5/2015 - Group members traveled to Catacamas, Honduras to help install streamflow and weather monitoring stations in the Patuca River headwaters.  See photos page!

  16. 4/2015 - Ryan received tenure and will be promoted to Associate Professor at NCSU.

  17. 3/2015 - A new series of articles in the Coastal Review Online discusses environmental issues on the Albemarle-Pamlico peninsula and features our Coastal SEES research.

  18. 2/2015 - Our STEM outreach work with Native high school students in eastern North Carolina is featured in a local newspaper article.

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We focus on quantifying mass and energy exchange between vegetated landscapes and the atmosphere at scales ranging from individual leaves to entire watersheds; exploring the interface of soils, vegetation and the atmosphere in a watershed context; and understanding water and biogeochemical cycles in the face of global change. 

Projects are currently underway in North Carolina and elsewhere that focus on: coupled carbon and water cycles in a variety of ecosystems; understanding vegetation processes in a watershed context; and assessing secondary succession using remote sensing tools.


Fall 2016

FOR 420/520: Watershed Hydrology


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Professional Staff

Theo Jass (Environmental Scientist)


Dr. Abinash Bhattachan

Dr. Josh Rice

Dr. Nitin Singh

Grad Students

Justine Neville (M.S.)

Wilmer Reyes (Ph.D.)

Josh Rice (Ph.D.)

Undergrad Students

Jocelyn Painter (B.S.Eng.)

Former Students and Post-Docs

Brittany Anstead (B.S. NCSU, 2013)

Jessica Anstead (B.S. NCSU, 2015)

Will Beuttell (B.S. 2008, M.S. 2011, both from AppState)

Ruchi Bhattacharya (Post-Doc, 2012)

John Buckley (M.N.R., NCSU, 2013)

Susan Gale (M.S., NCSU, 2014)

Anna Hazen (B.S., AppState, 2011)

Kendra Kaiser* (B.S., MSU, 2011)

Taylor Kiker (B.S., NCSU, 2015)

Stephen Mitchell (Post-Doc, 2012)

Alex Moody B.S., AppState, 2011)

Oby Morgan (B.S., AppState, 2011)

Adam Motsinger (B.S., AppState, 2008)

Fabian Nippgen* (Ph.D., MSU, 2014)

Cormac O’Doherty (M.S., NCSU, 2013)

Michael Oxendine (B.S., AppState, 2011)

Dale Prihoda (B.S., NCSU, 2014)

Alan Shafer (B.S. NCSU, 2012)

Julie Sikes (B.S. NCSU, 2016)

*Co-Mentored with Brian McGlynn